Where’s the press pass??

  1. Let me start by saying I love to gloat about being awesome ?!! And Public Puck is the new world wide leader in Boston sports!! A full month after we broke the story about Hanley Ramirez’s demise here comes Barstool Sports claiming they broke the story. They say they didn’t fully break the story earlier on bc it would have been irresponsible to break a story with such serious allegations without full knowledge of the situation. Sorry Barstool but I call bullshit!! The reason you didn’t break the story is because you didn’t know the story!!

This isn’t going to be a hate on Barstool. I love Barstool and read it every day. I just hope they come to the table and acknowledge the true source of the story, and that is Public Puck!! We weren’t afraid to break the story bc we knew the facts. Investigate reporting requires investigation and when done with the right sources you release not a story but the facts while using the catch term Allegedly!! Just saying our sources can beat up there sources.

I now know I need to bring you more updates on not only our skates but also I need to bring you guys a source for local sports reviews. Let’s be honest not only am I a nasty play maker on the ice I’m also damn funny!! Barstool has become a little watered down and I will help bring you a site closer to Barstool”s roots!! Once again I love barstool and They innovated the way we look at news, I’m just saying help us get the credit we deserve!!

Lastly I want to thank Weevey and the Fake Russian for hosting parties that make our group a closer unit!! Our skate is a good time with a great group of guys and occasionally ladies. P.S. who would have ever guessed  Tom A Hawk  has a degree in music ?!! Guess he was channeling his inner artist ?‍? when he clubbed me over the head!!

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