We tried…we really did.

By the time we got to the rink there were 8 on each bench and others were strolling in.  Not good.

I did see Yazzle burn a defenseman, cut across the goalie (maybe the Crown Prince) and score far post.

I mentioned Yazzle Dazzle, but I saw Nojus out there too!  I think Vlad was back as well.

Between seeing the cars and my brief looks to the ice, I could probably give a rough line ups…but I’m not gonna.  This is the first time I’ve posted from my phone and even tho I’m typing a lot explaining this, I still won’t.  Too much effort.

I’m even trying to incorporate my left hand while I type, but it’s gonna take some practice.  Can IPA’s impair motor skills?  Might explain a little…

I saw maybe Alexei make a great save.  Someone on white fed Tom out front and he dragged the puck across the goalie, just inside the circles and fired a low, hard shot.

Maybe Alexei dug his right skate into the ice and reversed direction.  With a tense femur and muscles straining, maybe Alexei got a left pad on the shot, sending it into the corner.

The real shame…

I had to shower alone today.  Really…on a hockey Wednesday.  Let that sink in.  I was a victim of over population.  How dare you!

See you Friday?



3 thoughts on “Wednesday…”

  1. I’ll give some shoutouts.

    3rd Star) Brown Brian and Nojus were on a dominant line out there that had very few on dark willing to defend, except …..

    2nd star). Dan. i was out there shutting them down on D for the dark side. i mean Seamus probably helped on a play or two, and the Minuteman helped some before BB had to stand him up.

    but the number one star of the day goes to Jonny!!! he was head and shoulders above everyone. threading his way up the ice like a ninja on cocaine. Great game Jonny! (and let me know if you need help carrying battery packs or water bottles next weekend….)

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