Wednesday Recap 9/26/18

Seems our goalie (Heir) likes to moonlight as a goddamn X games superstar!!

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It can be hard understanding Vlad sometimes…especially when I’m on the bench and can hardly breathe, but I could discern Nicholi and 1440 and found this! ^^

Good on you Heir, keep doing what you love man!  I’m hoping playing goalie falls into that category as well.

–The Line-Ups–

Dark: Shakey, Weevey, Davey, Kenny, Tinman, the Maestro, Jack, Nojus, Senor Beard, Vlad

White: Matt, Brown Brian, Blue Line Bob, Angry Dave, Darby, Fake Russian, Birdcage, Mt. Fuji, the Commish, Dan

Goalie(s): Sam, Heir to the Throne

Dark got lit up today.  We had plenty of players, but after looking at advanced metrics, 82% of our passes were contested.  Many times there would be one or two wide open skaters, yet we chose to climb inside the elephant’s asshole and navigate the intestines to the spleen of misery (aka pass to covered people).  It sucked and it was very frustrating.

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The white team though was firing on all cylinders today.  With Matt back in the line up, Angry Dave and Darby playing feisty as all hell and Brown Brian refusing to slow the fuck down…we had our work cut out for us.  Dan and the Commish complemented the already buzzing ivory giants and Blue Line Bob had one of the better tip goals I’ve seen down there.

Also, the Fake Russian was flying and playing a strong D.  Usually when people have breakaways, the Dmen slowly meander back only concerned about breaking up a rebound opportunity, or to cover a trailer.  Not the Fake Russian tho…nope, he goes full steam and not only that, he got his stick on the shooter a couple times.  Gotta respect the tenacity!

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The new Flyers mascot!  They even have a beer named after it…Nightmare Fuel!

Shakey conquered Mt. Fuji.  Coming down the left hand side, Shakey came in 1v1 with Mt. Fuji and pulled off one of the more devastating spins these eyes have ever seen.  Mt. Fuji was so perplexed by the smoke bomb that he collapsed to the ice.  We’ve all seen basketball players get their ankles broken in embarrassing fashion…this was hockey’s equivalent.  Can he come back from that?  We just gotta wait and see if he shows up Friday…

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–Notable Moments–

  • Vlad had a great stick block.  I’m not sure if it was the Heir or Sam in net, but after making multiple saves 3v0, Vlad hustled back, lunged in and deflected the shot going into the open net.  It was quite the spectacle!
  • Shortly after Davey took out the Commish behind the net (tweaking his ankle), I had an open look and drilled him in the ankle again.  Sorry Commish!
  • It was rumored that a certain someone, rhymes with Natt, was doing a bit of slashing behind the play.  Understand, I was not a victim of, nor privy to these malicious whacks, but felt they needed to be in print.

–Three Stars of the Day–

3) the Maestro: Maestrostravaganza played great today.  Not only did he have a hat trick, he called it before hand and delivered.

2) Heir/Sam: It took a lot of courage playing behind dark’s defense today.  Perhaps not as much as when you’re standing at the top of a gigantic ramp or crag filled mountain, but yeah…

1) The Whole White Team: I couldn’t decide who to put here so I decided the whole squad deserved it.  They do.

How did Nicholi get so good at tail whips you ask?

Sadly, my 40 year old body couldn’t handle the stress, otherwise I’d be landing 1620’s on the regs!

Since I missed last Friday, a couple teasers…

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