Wednesday Recap 4/25/18

–The Line-Ups–

Dark: Shakey, Weevey, Jack (teacher), Johnny, Dan, Tinman, Zamboni Mike (Gunzo), Nojus, Natick guy I recognize

White: Matt, Grahamah, Grabass, Chip, Vlad, Birdcage, Fake Russian, Marty, The Ghost of Stan Mikita

Goalie(s): B. Lubey (white), Heir to the Throne (dark)

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It’s rare to see Grahamah cross the red line to don the white sweater.  At first I thought he was heading over there with the necessary parts to stop Birdcage’s helmet from swinging like a damn ferris wheel, but I was mistaken.  Even with his veteran presence, it was not enough to stop a hungry dark club.  In my opinion though, It felt like they were to stubborn to accept the flip pass into their ranks.  Grahamah is the most noted flipper, known in some underground hockey circles as Flippy McHippy and if you don’t accentuate your team strengths, what the hell are you doing.

^^ filthy^^

Dark just played a better team game today.  Once The Ghost stepped onto the ice in his white jersey (with white needing the players), the game plan became a little harder for them to execute.  Dark didn’t hesitate, pouncing on the wounded prey.

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Players like The Ghost come around every now and then.  Along with players like Moto and Jimmy Pratt who usually lack in the skill or age areas, sometimes both.  It’s like dangling a piece of meat in front of an adrenaline fueled monster [honestly, I commend their love to get out there and play]. Those poor bastards…

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Shakey and I have been playing well together of late.  He was a whirling instrument of destruction out there today…at one point he burned every white player on the ice and scored.  White needed someone to come through with a good slash, but alas both Grahamah and Chip were on the bench.

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There was a good amount of back and forth, with white turning it on late…but that was after Lubey left.  Otherwise known as garbage time…

–Notable Moments–

  • Zamboni Mike had a collision out there sending him to the dark room.  Hope you’re feeling better Mike!
  • Shakey and I had the goal of the game on a in tight give and go, resulting in a goal.
  • I flipped Flippy today.  He said it was because Nojus almost speared him in the neck, but I’m not buying it.
  • Jack had a tremendous goal today walking through a feckless white D and going forehand backhand for the score.

–Three Stars of the Day–

3) Weevey: I really didn’t wanna put myself up here…I’m just playing great hockey at the moment.  I had at least four successful stretch passes and buried many a chance.

2) Heir to the Throne: Nikolai was a stalwart keeper for us, pulling out big saves on many odd man rushes.  By far my favorite aspect to the Heir’s game tho is his ability to chirp.

1) Shakey: Very nice display out there today Shake n’ Bake!

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Need you bad tonight Tuukka!  Go B’s!

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See you on Friday!


1 thought on “Wednesday Recap 4/25/18”

  1. I lost the memory of my 10th birthday when Grabass shot the puck into my head. after that i was drilled in the back of the leg by my own team, and unfortunately it was the super-human power of Weevey that damaged the nerves in my Achilles.

    Small price to pay for the glory of Dark on a Wed in April.

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