Tavares meeting

So in my Bruins after action report I mentioned the B’s best course of action was to pursue John Tavares. Well yesterday they met will the best potential free agent on the market. Keep your fingers crossed people of Public Puck!! This is a huge game changer if they score this stud.  First a salary dumping move needs to be made to help fit the potential 7 year 73.5-77 million contract Tavares will be demanding. I’ve already suggested Krecji to Dallas or San Jose for 2 small pox ridden blankets. Problem with my theory is they are two of the 6 final suitors for his services so why help out my man Sween dogs get this deal done. Well bc it would be win win!! They would get an above average NHL player for nothing and we win the cup. Why would they want to help us win the cup?? Bc they need time before they are ready and a lot more than a player like Tavares or Krecji to reach that level. So maybe also offer next years first round pick to get it done. Here’s hoping Tavares at this stage in his career is sick of losing and wants to truly make a run at the cup. If that is the case we are his best choice. If he wants to break the bank his best option is continuing to lose with the Islanders bc they are the only team that can offer him an eight year deal.

Quick mention of JBJ now being 6 for his last seven. It’s about time he started seeing the ball. Last night the Sox took the first game of the series from the Angels. They had 4 dingers with JD Martinez hitting his 24th and Betts nailing his 20 th into the bullpen. Betts afterward gave credit to Martinez teaching him how to add power to his swing. It was Betts 4th leadoff homer of the year leaving him three short of Nomah’s record of 7 in a season. Rick porcello takes the hill tonight. Go Sox and let the hockey gods bring us Tavares!!

Writing this down Cape so sorry so hurried!! By the way Brazil ?? won today today to advance to the round of 16. This is my view as I write.


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