Some Quick Bruins Thoughts

  • I love Krejci’s game.  He has a tremendous poise with the puck when he’s in traffic and his soft saucer passes make me wanna adopt a baby goat.

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  • McAvoy and Carlo were fantastic defensively in the San Jose game.
  • DeBrusk continues to impress me.  He forechecks hard and has a good feel for the puck.
  • The Chara/Kane exchange and fight was awesome.  I don’t think Chara wants to thrown down much anymore, but he was forced into it.
  • Charlie Coyle looks pretty good.  His backhand drag of the puck when he went in on the breakaway was awesome.
  • Johansson looked good as well.  He had a nasty pass to Krejci, but the puck hopped on him and he ended up hitting the side of the net after he settled it.  He, Krejci and DeBrusk had a beauty of a tic tac toe too.  They were flying versus the Sharks.
  • Our fourth line has been firing on all cylinders.  Kuraly has that cut back move along the boards that seems to shake defenders a lot.  Wagner plays bigger than he is.  He’s a great checker and it seems like he and Kuraly always have the puck.  Accairi I put on a tier below the two, but he is another big hitter.  Plus, he did take hard flip pass to the mouth from Burns.  I heard on the radio today that he needed extensive dental work.  Yikes, this reminds me of when Shakey fed Dental Chair some vulcanized rubber.  I think they said he’s gonna give it a go tonight, so good on him.
  • Marchand has stepped up huge.  Last I saw he was 12th in points scored (in the NHL).  The way he can use his body to keep possession is remarkable.
  • Bergeron is Bergeron and I love him with all my heart.
  • We have David Backes.

Huge game tonight…let’s go B’s!


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