Shakey’s ?picks

As we all know my five star pick of the week is undefeated boosting a 2-0 record. This week my sources* have come through to bring me another pick that seems to be a full five star pick.

The texans and colts both started the year slow and then went on incredible runs to both make the playoffs. The Colts travel to Texas to take on their AFC South divisional opponent. They played each other less than a month ago in Texas with Indy the 24-21 winners.

Indy’s strength is its offensive line while the Texans rely on big plays from their all star d line!! So who wins the battle?? If Indy wins the patriots take on the winner of the chargers/ ravens tilt. If the Texans win they move on to take on the Pats next week. I feel that’s the best matchup for our beloved patriots. We seem to always match up well with the Texans.

with that said I am hoping the Texans take this one. For that reason my ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Pick of the week is

Indy +2 over the Texans ?

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