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Red Sox

  1. The RED SOX are not repeating.  In fact the over/under on losses I now have pinned at 100.
  2. Did David Price change his number from 24 to 10.  If so, is this a private conspiracy to retire Dwight Evans number.  If not change back cause you have sucked this year.
  3. J.D. Martinez is going to opt out after this year and get paid.  At least we had him for two years.
  4. Hector Velazquez looked dominate on Sunday.  Only went three innings but better than any other start this year.
  5. Devers can’t remain in the three spot.  We need Pedroia back.
  6. Is the loss of Leon the reason our pitching sucks??


  1. Full NHL bracket to be posted soon. Inside scoop I got the B’s getting past Toronto.
  2. Connor Clifton needs more playing time.
  3. The B’s have the second best home record in the NHL this year so Games 1+2 are vital.
  4. Who you starting in game 2 if Tuuka loses game 1. Halak or Cheevers?

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College Hockey

  1. Biggest problem is the college hockey games are on Thursday and Saturday nights when the B’s are playing.
  2. My official Public Puck prediction of a UMass championship is still possible, next up is Denver.  Goalie matchup of Filip Larsson (Denver) vs Filipe Lindberg (UMass).  Has to be first frozen four match-up between two F.L. goalies so lets dive deeper. Filip has a .935 save percentage for Denver and comes from Stockholm, Swedan, while Filipe has a .939 SP and his roots stem from Espoo, Finland.  So who comes out on top, Finn or Swede? Well don’t people from Stockholm have some kind of syndrome? Also note Filipe’s middle name is Hans so he very well might be named after Hans Gruber, one of the most diabolical terrorists that only John Mcclain could bring down, get what I did there, bring down HAHA!!  Gotta go Filipe!!
  3. Good luck to Providence. It would be nice to see an all Hockey East final.
  4. If you are Cale Makar do you play your final two years building a powerhouse program and then become a free agent or just leave and go to Colorado ? I’d take the money like the classy ladies at the Caberet and run!!

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  1. Who Cares!!
  2. I hate Kyrie and all he stands for as you may have read in a previous post.
  3. Im guessing they get by Indiana in 5 or 6 games.  Then comes Milwaukee and that could very well be the end unless Kyrie figures out how to be part of a team.
  4. The real #11 below!!

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  1. Gronk coming back in week 6 is inevitable.
  2. There will be a full draft preview coming soon.  I will probably be wrong with every pick again.

The Masters

  1. I might watch the final twenty minutes of this tourney.  I’m sorry to any golf fans but watching puts me to sleep. I enjoy playing, well at least I like drinking beer on a golf course while occasionally playing golf.
  2. Much respect for Augusta National because they don’t allow cell phones. Not even Tiger Woods can send a dic pic from the ninth.
  3. Worst bet Tiger 14-1.  Sorry Tiger but you haven’t really been Tiger anymore since your hot ex wife beat you up for sleeping with ugly hookers.
  4. I’m guessing Tommy Fleetwood at 20-1.  Only cause I like his name.
  5. True fact Dave, Weevey and I once carried a cooler with 48 beers and ice around Leo J for nine holes bc they wouldn’t let carts out on the course.
  6. Another true fact all those beers were gone when we finished. Now thats GOLF!!

Lacy Underalls has to be a top ten movie name!!

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