Public Puck Introduction

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*this will be regularly updated*

send comments for any names we’ve forgotten

Cast of Characters:

  • Shakey (Todd)
  • Weevey (Steve)
  • Grahamah (Dave)
  • Johnny (camera 17)
  • Tinman (Brian)
  • Jack (teacher)
  • Jack (the professor)
  • Dan
  • Brown Brian (he’s white though)
  • Tom-A-Hawk (a.k.a. Mr. A-Hawk)
  • Chop (Chip)
  • Matt
  • Vlad the Impailer
  • The Heir to Vlads throne
  • The Crown Prince
  • Grab Ass
  • The Fake Russian (Mike)
  • Jay-Fro (Ray but we originally thought his name was Jay)
  • Chaos
  • Crash Test Dummy
  • Mongo
  • Jimmy C.
  • Angry Dave
  • Chips cousin (Marty)
  • Dog Shit Hands
  • Shamus
  • B. Lubey
  • M. Lubey
  • D. Lubey
  • Pabone
  • King Phillip goalie guy (purple pads)
  • 1-3
  • Darby
  • STX gloves red helmet guy
  • Link
  • the guy who crosschecked Link in the throat and never showed up again (might deserve it’s own blog post, due to my heroics)
  • Leo (Phil’s nephew)
  • PETE!! You should be higher, but I’m not editing
  • Mongolian Water Bug (aka Capt. Cutback)
  • The Commish
  • The Commishs’ kid
  • Moto (my name is Paul)
  • Dedham (tramp stamp)
  • Gazpacho
  • Glaze
  • Chinstrap
  • Gary (Jesus Christ Stevie)
  • Berrigan
  • Nooner
  • NHL whiner
  • Sean-O
  • Patrick
  • Molly
  • Julie
  • Jimmy Pratt
  • Nojus
  • Mumbles (get off the ice!)
  • Sam
  • Gordie
  • Yasu, Yazzle, Yazzle Dazzle, Yasuuuuuhoo!
  • Lee (Leonora)

1 thought on “Public Puck Introduction”

  1. A couple old ones:
    Leonora/Lee aka Moana the moaner
    TC/Tom Cuddy aka That Fuckin’ Idiot
    Bob Kadlic aka Crazy Legs
    Tom Warren aka The Doctor
    Who found the Bambi clip? This may need to be explained to Johnny aka Bambi, Stinky, JDD.. Johnny Deuce Drop

    When is award season this year?

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