Monday’s talking points

Holding true to my promise I will now give a quick daily review of sporting events that effect us Public Puckers. There are four quick events that are pressing on me as I try to find a bar with my beautiful new wife Tracy.

1. Today is Julian Edelman’s appeal hearing with the NFL. He is facing a four game suspension for violating the leagues substance abuse policy. His appeal is ? duel faceted. First he is fighting the handling of the sample. This part seems rather fruitless but it’s the path Richard Sherman went to overturn his suspension so I guess might as well give it a try. Heck guy can do almost anything.


The second part is the intriguing one. See my man didn’t take a banned substance. The NFL in its ever evolving feeble attempt to paint the Patriots as cheaters is pulling out a little known clause that says what he took mirrored the effects of a banned substance and therefore needs to be punished. I’m sure they will uphold the suspension bc it is a headliner during the offseason and that’s all the NFL desires. Even if justice is the victim!!??

2. John Carlson signed an 8 year 64 mil extension to stay with The Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals.  In an earlier post I mentioned the Bruins had very little chance of signing the Natick Mass stand out but now those chances are zero.

3. World Cup ⚽ Continues in the Fake Russians fake homeland. Today I bet $1 on ??-1 goal to take down ?? Iran. So please everyone say a quick something towards the downfall of the Persian football club. I also bet $1 on ?? to win the tournament. I take home 4 big ones if they pull it off!!


4. Quick shout out to our local Baseball club. Sale was outright nasty yesterday as the Sox took the final game of the series beating Seattle 5-0. It was a much needed win as the Yanks ship has been taking on water lately and the Sox haven’t been able to take advantage. 79 games into the season they are now tied for first. Best fact of the game was JBJ finally getting back on track going 3-3 with a SB. Moreland has another dinger and Sale had 13K’s.

Thats all I got boys!! Go Portugal!! Fuck the NFL!!





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