Monday Recap 5/21/18

–The Line-Ups–

Dark: Weevey, Grahamah, Tinman, the Maestro, Jack, Johnny, Shaymus, Needham kid, other young kid

White: Brown Brian, Tom A. Hawk, Marty, Fake Russian, Chip, M. Lubey, Glaze, Needham kid

Goalie(s): Heir to the Throne (dark), Sam (white)

Hop in the DeLorean with me and let’s hit 88 mph on our way back to 2008.  I was playing softball at the Natick Army Labs and what transpired changed my life forever.  This was the birthplace of Corpsey, my feckless left thumb.

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I was playing third base when the cut off throw came in from the second baseman, we had the guy out by 2-3 strides.  When this situation arises a base runner usually tries an evasive slide, a stop and retreat (pickle), or they just give themselves up.  This cleat clod dink decided he was gonna run full speed into my glove hand.  I thought I just jammed my thumb, I wish I just jammed my thumb, but come to find out I had ruptured a ligament and needed surgery.  I guess it isn’t good when your thumb bends down 150 degrees.

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I now have roughly 60% strength in my weakened digit.  Does it suck only using my right hand to lip a bass?  Yes, yes it does.  I need pliers to get the damn hooks out now.  Playing guitar, I can handle barre chords for a while, but don’t ask me to play Sultans of Swing.  You get the idea…without thumbs were no better than the armadillos.

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I tell you this because Corpsey has had a rough go at things lately.  I’m four days removed from taking my stitches out and I fell hard on Corpsey today.  A neutral observer might say that the Fake Russian tripped me, but he seemed to just fall.  In fact Mike fell a few times today, maybe he’s back on the peyote…I’ll investigate.

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Sorry I’m rambling…

*White beat us up pretty good today.  We had a tough time getting our legs going and spent way too much time in our defensive zone.

*Tinman was a bright spot for dark.  He has such a smooth toe drag that lures defenders into a false sense of hope.  He used that move to burn Brown Brian hard, but most impressive to me is that he doesn’t panic in traffic along the boards.

*Grahamah fed him out front and he one timed it top corner.

–Notable Moments–

  • Tom A. Hawk had a beautiful flip pass through the rafters to the Fake Russian, who took it out of the air below shoulder height.  Both the flip and the reception were exquisite.
  • Dark must’ve hit 12 posts today.  Good for when there are no goalies, but there were and they don’t even count as SOG’s.
  • Shaymus had a great two line pass sending Grahamah in alone.  He buried the opportunity.

–Three Stars of the Day–

3) Corpsey: Just an unreal display of fortitude.  I’m honestly surprised he didn’t secede from my hand.

2) Tom A. Hawk: He who controls the skies, controls the war.

1) Tinman: Brian had everything working today.

*—Great hockey game on so I’m distracted.  I want a game seven!  Caps just went up 1-0!









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