Monday Recap 4/23/18

–The Line-Ups–

Dark: Shakey, Weevey, Grahamah, Tinman, the Maestro, Nojus, Johnny, Dan, Zamboni Mike (Gunzo)

White: Brown Brian, Blue Line Bob, Vlad, Ray Fro, Mongo, Chip, Glaze, Rando in a Bruins helmet

Goalie(s): Sam (dark), B. Lubey (white)

I’m writing this during the intermissions of the Bruins and my stress and anxiety levels are through the goddamn roof.

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Counter to how Friday played out, with dark getting their asses thoroughly kicked, it felt tremendous today to reciprocate that disappointment.  Today was a trouncing of biblical proportions.

Everyone on dark was on their game.  Tinman was back on the playground making people look silly, and it seemed as though every move dark tried, succeeded.  Three quarters of the way through the skate, my heart decided to grow and I switched over to white (it might of been the defeated look on Brown Brian’s face).

It was most likely due to a coaches decision, but white outscored dark something like 12-0 after I changed.  In fact it allowed me to have one of my better moves of all time.  I came in 1v1 on Johnny, baited him with candy as the Maestro taught me and when he went for the puck, I toe dragged the ever living shit outta him (sorry Johnny).  Grahamah told me afterwards that he fell down as well.

Vlad played like a man possessed today.  He was the one bright light in white’s vast chasm of darkness.  He performed at a fast pace, burying his chances time after time.  It’s truly a shame that the white squad couldn’t raise their game up…hell he inspired me to play better today.

–Notable Moments–

  • Grahamah self flipped Zamboni Mike and it was a beauty (ZMike switched to white late).
  • Nojus and Vlad yet again continued their feud.  Nojus had the Worlds streaming from his phone on our bench, watching Lithuania vs. Romania (isn’t Vlad the Impaler from Romania?  I’m not even gonna google it, just take it as fact).  That might of lead to the sustained angst.
  • The Rando in the Bruins helmet looked as though he’d be a really good player…that was not the case.

–Three Stars of the Day–

3) Tinman: He pulled off a triple move that had Mongo spinning in circles.  It was glorious!

2) Weevey:  mmmhmm.

1) Vlad: A well deserved first star for Vlad.  He brought hustle and heart to a completely lethargic white team.  Potting many goals as well.

2-1 Leafs…7 mins left in the 3rd.  I’m a mess.


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