Monday Recap 4/22/19

Seems the Tinman sold off his secret recipe…

–The Line-Ups–

Dark: Shakey, Weevey, Tinman, the Maestro, Marmaduke, Shaymus, Jonny, 1-3’s Cousin, Marty, Nojus, 7 Minute Abs, Yotes, Puzzles, Nova (guy that played in a red shirt…Patrick said he played club at Villanova)

White: Brown Brian, Tom A. Hawk, Fake Russian, Chip, Link, Angry Dave, Young guy (very good and needs a damn name), Grabby, Garvin, Glaze, NHL Whiner


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I write down my notes after hockey to have a point of reference, but forgot to take a picture.  I’m flying blind here people.  Really tho, I probably won’t finish this tonight and come back and write it Tuesday or Wednesday…so why am I even writing this?  Great question Weevey!  I don’t know the answer…

No goalies, but I called out a post game to five.  The result…

5-3 White:

After calling for the game in a calm, non-barbarous manner, White went right to work.  I’m drawing a blank on who got the first post, but I know Tom A. Hawk came down right after and made it 2-0, hammering the crossbar.

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^^ If you don’t know what that is from, feel shame!

Soon thereafter, we responded with a post to halve the score.  Play ebbed and flowed with a lot of close shots, but no clangs.  With Dark’s extended pressure in White’s d zone, we wore them down and I came around the net and found Marmaduke for an incredible double post shot.  In my opinion, these should definitely count as two.  The puck smacked the right post before flying upwards and hitting the crossbar.  3-2 Dark.

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Sadly, there was no happy ending for Dark…just dry, chapped hands that couldn’t finish.  White scored 3 unanswered goals and sent us packing.  I remember Garvin having one of em, shooting hard off the left post.

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^^ You guys remember this?  Hilarious for Holtby to just stand there.  I saw it when I was searching for gifs and it made me laugh.

–Notable Moments–

  • Garvin had 2-3 nice posts today and I wish I could just remember the good, but being an unbiased observer, I feel it’s my duty to show the masses the whole picture.  Playing center and close to the top of the circle, Garvin called emphatically for the puck.  White’s defenseman gave him the pass he wanted, but it got tangled up in his skates.  Garvin ended up stepping on the puck and taking a tumble.  Marty, while in the area, scooped up the puck, skated in and drilled the post.  Not gonna lie, it was a tough look.
  • Shakey had a skillful shwack out of the air on a Brown Brian backhand shot.  It would of been the game winner, but Shake n’ Bake saved the day.  Well, not quite the day, White came down immediately after and hit the post.  I think it was Andrew, but I might be mistaken.
  • I miss Davey…
  • Maestro had a good backhand shwack down defense on a long saucer pass.
  • We might need to take a trip back to Flynnie’s soon…
  • I’ve had waaay too many giveaways lately…I gotta clean up my game.
  • Shakey, Davey and myself played in our first annual club hockey alumni game this past Saturday.  Davey obviously didn’t play today, but all of our equipment was still SOAKED.  We think the cooler leaked (along with sweat) and our equipment, like sponges, absorbed all the liquid.  It was rough.  The smell was extra bad as well.
  • Brown Brian had a full extension flip defense on Shakey.  Shakes seemed to have the perfect trajectory, but BB got it at it’s apex and corralled for possession.
  • A lot of people left early today.  If coach is shortening the bench, who the hell am I to complain.
  • Until Wednesday peeps!

–Three Stars of the Day–

3) Young guy (very good): You know what…he reminds me of a young Patrick Marleau.  I think the name Marley should be fitting.  Even though Marleau is looking like a shell of his former self with Toronto, that is not the case with Marley.  He’s a wonderful addition to the skate and employs saucers, flips and hard shots to every game.  Today was no different.

2) Tinman: When away from his chloroform laboratory, Brian likes to dangle fools down at the rink.  He put Link in a blender today going outside, inside, outside, inside and dizzying the bladed artist.  When on his game, he reminds me a lot of the Professor, putting the puck to the right spaces and spinning defenders around.

1) NHL Whiner: Andrew played very fast today.  Combine that with his deft cut backs and stick work…it was a recipe for triumph.  He drilled the post multiple times and was a huge thorn in our side all skate.  One time he was going so damn fast that he had to dodge friend and foe alike.  Also, don’t sleep on his back check, he does not like coasting.

Let’s fucking go B’s!!

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