Mid Week Skate recap


Dark: Tin Man, The Maestro, Grahamah, Shakey, Jack, Johnny, Gespacho, 3 random kids, Dan, M Lubey, Jay Fro’s cousin

White: Chop, Blueline Bob, Brown Brian, Matt, Weevey, The Fake Russian, The Commish, Angry NHL kid, Chips Cousin (Marty), Tom A. Hawk, #24

Welcome back Commish!

Once again both nets were tended and once again it matched Goalie Lubey against the Heir to Vlads throne.  Both goalies played well enough to be on the prevailing side but I think the Heir got the best of this battle.  Once again, from the crease, you could hear him chirping the Dark Team.  Utilizing what is believed to be a mysterious discipline of  psychological warfare only passed on in the dark corners of Vlad’s realm.  Either that or just insults in broken English.

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The white team in my opinion once again carried the day with the dark team only regularly scoring in the final ten minutes.  Its two in a row now for white and Dark is going to have to bring a full 60 minutes on friday if they hope to take the final skate of the week. Both teams had deep benches with up to seven subs.  Dark had three new kids that traveled all the way from Northeastern for the skate.  Looks like its time to start  spreading word to newcomers that the final skate of the year is coming soon so we can thin out the herd a bit.

The Dark team also welcomed the Maestro back into the fold after a short absence.  He spoke of a need to Spin someone but the dimensions must not have fully aligned enough to get it done.  Wayland Pond Lore speaks of a young Maestro with flowing golden locks,  mastering the multi dimensional, time lapsing, vortex creating spin move.  Achieving this well before a similarly less celebrated move by Dennis Savard. He is also believed to be the only person in recent history to use the spin while using the powers of three-piece technology. The old 50mm’s held in the archives at The Office show an unequaled grace.

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Right from the start of the game it was clear it was Chops day.  He knocked in three legit goals in the first few minutes.  He also brought the hustle to his D and back checking game making more than one steal. In the end there is only one play that he probably would like to have back.  A tap in that he needed to hit the post and flubbed it. Results aren’t back from the lab yet, but we are guessing it was the elation from the goals and not an overdose on some meds that has led to his lack of heavy stick play lately.  Chip’s anger meter hasn’t gotten above the safe levels all week. Speaking of which we are still looking for a company that wants to sponsor the anger meter.  Overall a stellar performance that will have to be considered when electing the top three stars of the day.

Lastly, speaking of top notch performances, one of the best came from the guy wearing 24 on white. Classic entrance.  I hope all got to watch the display.  The lucky ones got to see him go down because of the ole skate guard mishap. Everyone has experienced this point when entering the ice and trying to skate, but instead awkwardly floundering to the ice. This is the moment that many ask themselves what caused them to go down like that.  Not 24 though, not today.  If 24 fall down, 24 get up.  Next he demonstrated a high degree of ingenuity to manage to get back to his feet without dropping his water bottle or his stick.  Or removing the skate guards.  The last fact leading to his second klutzy plummet (I’ve now used plummet in two straight posts) to the ice.  Good stuff!!


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Three stars of the day

3rd Star:Vlad–for bringing the second goalie

2nd Star: Chop–best game Ive seen him play in a long time.

1st Star: #24 on white–this was a no brainer. Sorry Chop!!


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  1. Fuckin halarios Steve.
    The elephant doing the spin move… the maestro’s fat fuck shuffle with a trunk full of herb

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