Looking deeper: Rick Nash and Hanley

Lets start with Nash. His agent came out today and said he’s taking time before he decides if he wants to play next year. This can mean one of three things as far as I am concerned.

One being the concussion he sustained after the Bs acquired him that kept him out a substantial amount of time is worse than everyone has suspected. Did he come back too early when he came back for the playoffs??


Or two did he really meant it when he said he enjoyed his time here and wants to come back. He very well might be waiting out the Tavares chase hoping to come back here. If you think about it he would know he was the third option for the B’s behind both JT and Ilya but he would be able to get a little extra green knowing he’s the last option. If it doesn’t work out here he just says he’s feeling better a couple weeks from now and signs with someone else. This seems far fetched but I’m trying to look deep here people.

Recent rumors had him returning to Columbus but then his agent comes out saying he’s pondering his future. Which could also mean he posturing with Columbus after a low offer. Let’s wait and see.

Now let’s get on to Hanley. A story that was first broke here at Public Puck. The Red Sox via John Henry’s newspaper, The Boston Globe continue to release what Trumpy refers to as fake news. I’m referring to the name dropping story they released yesterday.

The story claims he is not under investigation it’s just that his name was dropped and it’s a non story. First of all the Staties and FBI would never admit someone is under investigation. It opens them to future litigation for defamation and opens any potential source, ie Hanley, to retribution from the crowd of scum bags involved in this epic saga.

Im just saying it was more than name dropping. He answered a FaceTime request from this guy during the pull over. In my mind you instantly peek the officers interest by trying to just hand him your phone instead of your license. Not to mention you don’t answer a FaceTime request from a random acquaintance, this was a close friend so my guess is Hanley had a good idea what was going on in his close friends life. With that said it doesn’t mean he’s involved but what’s he doing hanging with these guys.


The Red Sox playing it off like they had no idea is beyond laughable. ??? They are playing this angle based on the time of the release of this story. But the story was actually broken here on May 27 not late June when everyone else started putting things together. They returned from a road trip and Hanley was called into Cora’s office at 3am to be informed he was no longer a member of the Boston Red Sox days after the arrest. My intuition along with common sense says the arrest and the release are cause and effect.


Next I read in the Herald that the State Police arrested three other Fentynol dealers in Lawrence  a couple weeks after the initial Hanley incident. The funny part being the arrest warrants were based on 2cars and only 1 house. Sounds to me like these guys are snitching, to lighten the penalty,  but they don’t know all the facts about the dealers bc the are just the mules bringing it from NY to Lawrence. Why Hanley would get himself involved with guys running a major Fentynol ring is beyond me.


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