Friday Recap (forgot the best story)

(True story)

Outside the rink after skate…

Me:  “There goes the Tinman” as his windowless van drove off into the distance.

Unnamed source:  “Brian’s a great guy, really funny.  Him and the Silver Surfer too.”

Me: “Who’s the Silver Surfer?”

Unnamed source: “You know the guy that always smells like weed.”

Me: *laughing* “who?”

Unnamed source: “the junk man…the one with the surf board.”

Me: “the Maestro?”

Unnamed source: “yeah, that’s him!”

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Fucking Maestro!

To the Junk Man!


2 thoughts on “Friday Recap (forgot the best story)”

  1. One of my semi-conscious passengers in the van asked.. “who was that mumble-mouth moron”?
    …Oh that’s the lyrical ganster himself, the princess of verbal diarrhea, the babbling butthead, the chattering chithead, the rat harboring rodent himself, Weevey!
    Shut the fuck up Steve!

  2. Haha!

    Caught a rat today in a glue trap and drowned it.

    It made eye contact with me as I was extinguishing it. I felt horrible…

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