Friday Recap 3/30/18

–The Line-ups–

Dark: Weevey, Seamus, Grahamah, the Maestro, Tinman, Johnny, Wellesley HS kid, Chaos, Sean-O, Zamboni Mike

White: Nojus, Chip, Tom A. Hawk, Chiefs, Fake Russian, Tim, Mongo, Chop Chop, yellow helmet guy (good player), Wellesley HS kid, a girl

Goalie(s): Paboner

Happy Friday people!

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I’m usually very excited for Friday skates, but I was dragging today.  No excuses, but I was a bit of a spaz out there.  I felt like I was playing with Bea Arthur’s legs and Jeff Spicoli’s ambitions.  Yet for all my spastic moments, Chaos and Chiefs made me look like the poster boy for serenity.  Chaos must have fallen at least four times (on his own) and Chiefs, while a good enough player, just makes some bad decisions out there.

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^^ that one’s for you Maestro…if you figure out how to use the interwebs ^^ (hint: it’s in the cloud and the cloud is all around us)

For the first 20 minutes or so, I thought we were getting our butts kicked and the Maestro let me hear it…every mistake I made, seemed amplified and I was thoroughly scolded for it.  It’s weird too because I’m usually very quiet and composed out there.

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After a little humble brag about working out and boxing earlier, Seamus eased my mind and let me know that things weren’t as bad as I thought.  He played great and really held the dark squad together today.  We needed him today…especially because Grahamah skated no less than 9 times this week.  He seemed gassed as well.

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The play went back and forth with both sides having their chances, but the later in the skate it got, the more dark took control.  That is until Seamus left.  After that it was anyone’s game.

There’s a lot more I’m missing, but my brain is fried and I need a drink.

–Notable Moments–

  • Seeing Chaos and Chiefs going after the puck and the catastrophe that follows
  • Me slashing Nojus and angering Chip.  Nojus helped get me out of my funk (as a victim, but my legs got moving after that)
  • Chip left early (because of my slash, or the numbers, I don’t know)
  • Wellesley HS kid on dark cut his hair.  No lettuce, no power…just ask Samson
  • Seamus taking out the Fake Russian.  If another Cold War was coming, I’d think it’d be the Americans that started it, not the Irish
  • Yellow helmet guy is gonna need a name soon.  He comes down enough and is a good player…let me know any suggestions

–Three Stars of the Day–

3) Wellesley high school kid in dark:  Even though he cut his hair, his play was great.  He’s undersized, but his motor and hockey skills easily make up for it (just needs to pass more).

2) Yellow helmet guy:  We need a damn name for him!  His long frame and equally long reach stand out.

1) Seamus:  Just an overall great game.  His ability is always there, but what surprised me was the leadership role he took.  He inspired today on the bench and lifted wayward spirits…and after a double workout no less!

I’ve tasked Shakey with writing the other two recaps.  The fact that he hasn’t yet, speaks to his sobriety at this moment.  Please pray for his liver.  Really though…they’ll be coming soon, but until then enjoy some boobies.  Everyone loves boobies!


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Have a good weekend you perverts!



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