Friday Recap


Dark: Grahamah, Weevey, Tinman, Jack (teacher), Dan, Johnny, Seamus, STX

White: Matt, Brown Brian, Fake Russian, Crash Test Dummy, Blue Line Bob, Ray Fro, Dangling Cage Guy, missing someone

Goalie(s): Paboner (dark) Lubey (white)

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On paper these teams seem even.  Today, I feel we got taken behind the wood shed.

Maybe white didn’t dominate the entire skate (dark had flashes of brilliance), but there was definitely something missing.  The absence of Shakey was felt in the form of a porous, penetrable defense (sorry Paboner).  Odd man rushes were as plentiful as a make-up laden chicken at a back alley cock fight.

Brown Brian was a driving force for white today.  His unwavering tenacity and refusal to slow the fuck down was as evident as always.  Even though his skill level is far superior, I find it to be a great measuring stick for one’s own game.  When he and Matt are clicking, it makes for a long lunch hour.

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B. Lubey played a great game as white’s tender today.  He stayed on his angles and any miscues were quickly remedied by a suffocating defense.  Dangling Mask Guy and the Fake Russian played fantastically on the back end, quickly and smoothly transitioning to their forwards.  It was their smart play that neutralized any hope for a dark for check.

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Chip was once again a no show, leading the public hockey cast to speculate if something more nefarious has taken place.  Rumors around the locker room speak of a dingy arcade, where an older gentleman has been playing Whack A Mole with a hockey stick for the past week.  If ever there was a time to bring an extra stick, that time is nigh.

-Three Stars of the Day-

  • 3) Fake Russian:  Mike brought a high level of energy today.  He switched to dark for the last 10 minutes of half ice 4v3 and it was his constant vigor that inspired us to move our legs (we were the 3 and we held our own).
  • 2) Crash Test Dummy:  Crash still fell to the ice many times today, but he had a multitude of silky smooth moves and finishes (goals).
  • 1) Brown Brian:  Someone has to learn how to pull his batteries.

P.S.  There hasn’t been a write-up for Wednesday yet.  It might be because we just finished working a 36 hour snow shoveling shift, or maybe we’re just getting lazy…either way, I’m gonna try to forage the recesses of my brain and see if I can remember any of it.  Any special guest writers remember it?

Have a good weekend!’

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P.P.S.  Who on white am I forgetting?  We had three on each bench.






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