Friday Recap 11/30/18

A thick darkness descended upon the arena.  Those of us that knew what that portended, shuddered at the coming maelstrom.  The combatants grasped their weapons a little tighter, eyes ablaze, searching for the figure that could spell their doom.

Just then, Chaos fell…own his own…multiple times.

Welcome back Chaos!

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Live look at Weevey trying to get this up before family movie night…

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–The Line-Ups–

Dark: Shakey, Weevey, Davey, Tinman, the Maestro, Johnny, Chaos, Chiefs, Jimmy C, Mongo, M. Looby,

White: Brown Brian, Tom A. Hawk, Blue Line Bob, Fake Russian, RayFro, Yazzle, Chip, Zamboni Mike, Grabass, NHL Whiner, STX, older fella, 1-3

Goalie(s): Sam

I feel like this is the first time in a while that we’ve only had one tender.  I could very easily look through the previous blogs, but that’s simply above my pay grade.  Come to think of it, it was a very selfish move by Nicholi going to South America and leaving us shooting at a post.  Doesn’t he know that Davey likes to shoot from the goal line and scare everyone with the prospect of a dental visit?

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Play of the game: Playing D, Davey has the puck with his left wing cruising towards their blue line.  He flips the puck in that direction, but Tom (a huge flip pass defender) tracked it down and caught it.  Mr. A. Hawk reversed direction, but just then I twinkle lit his eye.  He was gonna try to flip it over Davey (when the flipper becomes the flipee).

Tom arced a beautiful flip pass to his rushing forward, but Davey had other thoughts.  Davey spun backwards and reverse swung his stick, catching the puck at it’s apex.  The puck fell in Dave’s vicinity and he casual corralled it and flipped it over two oncoming players to the streaking forward.

I was on the bench, but I couldn’t contain my intensity…I screamed “YOU CAN”T FLIP A FLIPPER!”  And you can’t.  At least not on November 30th 2018.  It. Was. Awesome.  I hope I gave it justice.

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Now some of you might be wondering…Weevey-san, how do find the energy to just keep coming every damn skate.  The recovery time must be astronomical.  For crying out loud, Lance Armstrong had to transfuse blood among other nefarious methods to stay competitive!  Well the answer is simple folks…

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Spoiler Alert:  It helps with blogging too.

There was a young fellow in the stands recording us both in the locker room (creepy) and on the ice.  I assumed he must be an adoring fan of the website and tried to communicate with him, but he was intent on capturing the best footage possible.

It wasn’t until later that I saw Yasu talking to him over the glass.

Who was this mysterious archivist?  I don’t know…but I want that film!  Not for the locker room stuff you simple apes…for the on ice recordings.

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–Notable Moments–

  • the older fella playing on White walked in from the point and surprised me with a hard clapper post and in on Sam.
  • Chaos had an exquisite full length dive for an aerial pass.  It made me so damn proud…maximum effort!  Just picture the below gif, but without getting the ball (puck).  Jim Edmonds was insane!

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  • Grabass had two hard snap shots nipping top cheddar on Sam.
  • Jimmy C had a huge day.  He loves dwelling in the dirty areas and looking for tips.  On one of Davey’s shots from the point, Jimmy C had a great tip in for a goal.  He also played hard, showing some great chutzpah.
  • Dark has playing the soft and to space game really well lately.  When I’m not an adrenaline fueled frothing barbarian out there, I like to cozy up to the fire of the soft/space game.
  • STX had a really nice flip pass springing Brown Brian down the right side.  I forget who was out in front, but BBrian quickly fed them the puck and it was one-timed for a really nice goal.  I had this as my secondary play of the day!
  • Mongo played fantastic today.  He reminds me a lot of myself, before I learned to be a little less mongoish.
  • RayFro had yet again another nice goal.  Must be the blog inspiration!
  • Tom A. Hawk recognizing Davey’s wiles, deployed a more physical tactic of pinning him to the boards whenever he could.  Davey was a big driving force for us today and sometimes you gotta cut the head off the snake.
  • NHL Whiner and Shakey had some good high paced hook/puck battles.

–Three Stars of the Day–

3) Davey: Big day for the one know formerly as Grahamah.  He continued to hone his flip pass game and buried many a goal (post and on Sam).

2) NHL Whiner: Andrew has a lot of skill and I feel my craziness out there fueled him further.  He was all over the ice.  There were 3-4 times where I thought I had more than two seconds, but Andrew came flying in with a stick and steal.  Bastard!

1) Jimmy C: You impressed me today Jimmy.  As one who also came from a no organized hockey background, you went to the right spots and helped Dark tremendously.  I’m definitely not giving you first star because I want that damn red shirt!  Honestly tho, good job today.


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Enjoy the tubular weekend you ferret licking guttersnipes!


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  1. What happened to my request to nominate a director of player safety? How many times will Grab Ass have to sweep my skates out from under me before something is done? I want action!

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