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Denver was just voted the smartest population on the planet.  Of course, as with all my polls, I was the only one voting.   On Tuesday, the city’s astute voters shocked the world by narrowly approving a ballot initiative that kinda decriminalizes psilocybin, making its possession, use or personal cultivation a low-priority crime. Psilocybin is the active ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms. I’m searching Bovada for the over/under on U of Denver applications. I’m going over whatever the number turns out to be.

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Next, in an evident sign that the UK hates people’s addictions to their phones more than me, yesterday David Beckham, no relation to Odell Beckham Jr., had his license suspended for six months for using his celly while driving.  The fucked up part is he wasn’t spotted by the po-po.  It was some JBTB that turned him in.  How is that possible.  Beckham, Dave not Odell, claims he doesn’t remember using it but plead guilty anyway.  Have the Soviets or the Taliban infiltrated the UK court system? I cant believe Beckham didn’t try to bend the truth.  See what I did there.

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Lastly, the B’s continue to roll behind the stellar play of Zdeno Chara.  Well Tuuka was OK as well.  Questions I have from the game include How can the reffing and announcing be so inconsistent. First the refs call Kuraly for retaliating after taking a shoulder to the jaw by punching the guy in the face.  The announcers go on a tirade about never retaliating during the playoffs, “you have an entire career to retaliate.” Also “sometimes its better to tell the other guy I’m coming for you.” SHUTUP!! Then Kampfer hits a guy late after a whistle for offsides and gets put in a headlock and his helmet ripped off and no call by the refs and no mention of not retaliating in the playoffs by the announcers.  The refs continued to suck throughout this game.  Marchmont took a crosscheck  Krug got slew footed, and Bergeron got hit from behind so he got right back up and hit that guy from behind.  I believe that’s called retaliation and this time the announcers praised it.  At least the refs hate Dougie Hamilton as much as all his teammates. I also have to hit on how stupid it was for Brend’Amour to pull the goalie so early. To quote Davey “is his nose bigger than his brain.”

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My best bet of the weekend: $1 on the B’s -155 to win .65

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