Confessional: I’m a Hack (complete with backstory)


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My name is Weevey and I’m a hack.  I’ve always defined my playing style as feral aggressive and I’d like the chance to explain why.

I was never a good hockey player growing up.  I’m the youngest of three boys and the only brother who chose to lick the ice instead of learning to skate (true story…I was a strange, thirsty child).  My older brothers played youth hockey, I simply had no interest.

Hockey for me started on the ponds.  It was there I honed many of the same qualities I employ at our beloved skate.  From the ponds I then ventured to JV hockey…long story short, I sucked, bad.  It wasn’t til after high school that I started my illustrious public hockey career.

I can still vividly recall the Maestro and Tinman (Brian) being so damn silky smooth with the puck.  I knew I wanted the puck, I just couldn’t get the damn thing from them.  I’m very competitive when it comes to sports.  I don’t like losing and playing poorly irks the shit outta me.

It’s always been that combination of competitive spirit and lack of actual hockey skills that forged me into the feral aggressive maniac you see out there.  I’m trying to pick up the skillful aspects of the game, but it’s gonna take even more time.  I can hear Dave telling me I’m still trying the same damn move every time.  In the meantime tho, I’m a hack and that’s ok…there’s a lot of hacks out there.  Anyone else wanna admit it?  It feels kinda nice.


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