Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Our Mission…or Lack There

To bring a state of euphoria to your otherwise depressing workday by sharing stories from our feeble playground rules hockey game and be pucking funny doing it!!

How the Puck We Got Here

Well, we all vanished from work and raced to the rink for the trice-weekly (not a word but it gets the point across) skate.  The Central Cast has been playing an ugly,  often impaired looking version of hockey long enough for it to be a small miracle most of us are still employed. I would fathom, for some, the impaired isn’t just an appearance.  The supporting cast come and go but many still stay long enough to earn a well deserved moniker.

Meet the Degenerates Who Run This Site

We have no idea what the puck we’re doing.


Co-Founder, Public Puck Industries



Chief  of GIF Development



Co-Founder, Public Puck Industries 



aka the first Indian we found.

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